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Build it and they will come Life is short, but don't worry, just take it one small step at a time.
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Dream of truth.
"...all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness..." Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson, 1776.
"To unequal privileges among members of the same society the spirit of our nation is, with one accord, adverse." --Thomas Jefferson, 1801.
"An equal application of law to every condition of man is fundamental." --Thomas Jefferson, 1807.

Too bad TJ didn't go the extra mile imagining how it was walking in his own household slaves' shoes. Still, TJ's qoutes are awesome!

Cost of National Security, war, etc, etc.

Approaching $5trillion since 2001, and we have less peace.

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Collateral Damage is murder.
2020 - Climate crisis & Covid-19: Not only USA, but worldwide. Billions of jobs and businesses have been lost. Centrist mainstream logic leads to humanity's common self interest combining technology with a green planet. Free education, free healthcare, equal and sustainable living conditions for all. A determined, graual, but speedy engagement of the emergency brake, transitioning from war, finite fossil fuels, controlled (for profit) metering of natural and (for profit) human resources. There is no logical return to the environmentally destructive 'business as usual', with it's corresponding necessity of using people for personal gain.

"As long as we are thinking of natural values we must say that the sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal, or two friends talking over a pint of beer, or a man alone reading a book that interests him; and that all economics, politics, laws, armies, and institutions, save insofar as they prolong and multiply such scenes, are a mere ploughing the sand and sowing the ocean, a meaningless vanity and vexation of spirit." C. S. Lewis

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Be he foe or friend, be he foul or clean, brood of Morgoth or bright Vala, Elda or Maia or Aftercomer, Man yet unborn upon Middle-earth, neither law, nor love, nor league of swords, dread nor danger, not Doom itself, shall defend him from Feanor, and Feanor's kin, whoso hideth or hoardeth, or in hand taketh, finding keepeth or afar casteth a Silmaril. This swear we all: death we will deal him ere Day's ending, woe unto world's end! Our word hear thou, Eru Allfather! To the everlasting Darkness doom us if our deed faileth. On the holy mountain hear in witness and our vow remember, Manwe and Varda!
J.R.R. Tolkien

Politics, buisiness, they don't have a plan to deal with climate crisis. Science demands an about face from global greenhouse gas emissions NOW!!
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Politics, business...Well, I guess we are doomed before we have a chance to explore and colonize space.
Then Manw spoke and said: 'Hearest thou, Fanor son of Finw, the words of Yavanna? Wilt thou grant what she would ask?' There was long silence, but Fanor answered no word. Then Tulkas cried: 'Speak, O Noldo, yea or nay! But who shall deny Yavanna? And did not the light of the Silmarils come from her work in the beginning?' But Aul the Yavanna spoke before the Valar, saying: "The Light of the Trees has passed away, and lives now only in the Silmarils of Fanor. Foresighted was he! Even for those who are mightiest under Ilvatar there is some work that they may accomplish once, and once only. The Light of the Trees I brought into being, and within E I can do so never again. Yet had I but a little of that light I could recall life to the Trees, ere their roots decay; and then our hurt should be healed, and the malice of Melkor be confounded.' Maker said: 'Be not hasty! We ask a greater thing than thou knowest. Let him have peace yet awhile.' But Fanor spoke then, and cried bitterly: 'For the less even as for the greater there is some deed that he may accomplish but once only; and in that deed his heart shall rest. It may be that I can unlock my jewels, but never again shall I make their like; and if I must break them, I shall break my heart, and I shall be slain; first of all the Eldar in Aman.' 'Not the first,' said Mandos, but they did not understand his word; and again there was silence, while Fanor brooded in the dark. It seemed to him that he was beset in a ring of enemies, and the words of Melkor returned to him, saying that the Silmarils were not safe, if the Valar would possess them. 'And is he not Vala as are they,' said his thought, 'and does he not understand their hearts? Yea, a thief shall reveal thieves!' Then he cried aloud: 'This thing I will not do of free will. But if the Valar will constrain me, then shall I know indeed that Melkor is of their kindred.' Then Mandos said: 'Thou hast spoken.' J.R.R. Tolkien

  Mother Teresa Mother Teresa, was as human as any of us. She spent decades without sensing the presence of God in her life. We can also have doubts as she shared, "...the silence and the emptiness is so great, that I look and do not see. Listen and do not hear..."
A book titled "Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light" consists of letters between Teresa and her many confessors. As the editor indicated, she felt no presence of God whatsoever, "neither in her heart or in the eucharist."
"That absence seems to have started at almost precisely the time she began tending the poor and dying in Calcutta, and except for a five-week break in 1959 never abated. Although perpetually cheery in public, the Teresa of the letters lived in a state of deep and abiding spiritual pain.... She compares the experience to hell and at one point says it has driven her to doubt the existence of heaven and even of God.
"She is acutely aware of the discrepancy between her inner state and her public demeanor. 'The smile,' she writes, is 'a mask' or 'a cloak that covers everything.' Similarly, she wonders whether she is engaged in verbal deception. 'I spoke as if my very heart was in love with God tender, personal love,' she remarks to an adviser. 'If you were [there], you would have said, 'What hypocrisy.'
While her ministry grew, "Teresa progressed from confessor to confessor the way some patients move through their psychoanalysts." One of her confessors encouraged her to explore her despair by addressing Jesus in prayer. So she wrote: "Lord, my God, who am I that You should forsake me? ... I call, I cling, I want and there is no One to answer.... Where is my Faith... there is nothing, but emptiness & darkness... I have no Faith. I dare not utter the words & thoughts that crowd in my heart & make me suffer untold agony.
"So many unanswered questions live within me. [I am] afraid to uncover them because of the blasphemy. If there be God please forgive me. When I try to raise my thoughts to Heaven there is such convicting emptiness that those very thoughts return like sharp knives.... I am told God loves me and yet the reality of darkness & coldness & emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul."

Waking up facing a new day in a life flowing and changing with struggle and the challenge to carry on takes courage. Even if you believe you have no courage, you did wake up today, so perhaps you do have some. However unnoticeable it is, courage is courage whether it's so very very little or a lot, even a hidden meager unnoticeable speck of it.

Just because you have few if any solutions to problems, or even it you do, does not apply to your basic identity. Any person's set of skills describe abilities, but say nothing about character or persona. To claim to have any answers or a solution to life, or to define yourself by what you can or can't do, cheapens and distorts the moment. Who you are exists only in the moment.

Somebody a long time ago said you only had to believe in the least ones, namely yourself and others. But who are you? Who is anyone? There isn't a definite answer. That long ago somebody was just like you, wondering always and never fooled into finding an identity. Not even an identity that defines oneself as a fighter against injustice. Others before and after have convinced themselves of who they are, some idea made magically real into a person by their mind...some pretend 'who' they can cling to for an answer of who they are. The long ago somebody could only wonder, never finding an answer, and accepting that as a living, breathing human being. That somebody's living wonder was expressed in metaphors which are figures of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable. Others took these metaphors of wonder as ideas or literal decriptions that could be manipulated and made into answers and rules. A treasure map to point to where anyone can get, have or keep wonder. The stability of the righteous is built upon nothing. They say that simple wonder is not having an answer and is an unacceptable form of being confused.

If you need life to make sense, then glue your mind onto some fabricated answer, so you don't have to wonder anymore. Life does not make sense. And that is exactly what that long ago somebody made a unique peace with, that life does not make sense. With all its pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, you, as one of the least ones, have to make your very own unique living peace with your life. That unique peace, your peace, is wonder. It doesn't make life any harder nor any easier. Your wonder is not an answer. It is just wonder. So wonder through pleasure, pain, joy, and sorrow. Wonder about it all the while you live. Wonder about everything. Wonder if you have the courage to wonder.

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